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Less than 10 days to go to our first Native Dating event. If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t hang around, numbers are limited. Be the first to get on board with our monthly dating events in English around Madrid, starting with single and mingle at The Cunning Fox.  We hope to reach out to all the single Native English speakers in the city looking to find that special someone in their own language. Native Dating is sponsored by English Warehouse, Madrid’s only hub for English speakers in Madrid. If you haven’t read the English Warehouse article that inspired this event take a look here.


What you can expect.

Native Dating is a fun and unique way to meet other single Native English Speakers in the city. We create a fun and relaxed environment so everyone has a good time with the possibility of making a romantic connection.

During our single and mingle events everyone will receive a nametag. As you meet and chat with others and find someone you’re interested in seeing again, you write a note on a piece of paper, fold it, and write the name of the person on the paper and pin it to our “Match Tag” board. Our host will call out the names of the people who have received messages throughout the evening.


Your host

Native Dating is hosted by Maria a 35 year old single woman from Los Angeles that has been living in Madrid for over 10 years. After having embarked on the dating scene here in Madrid, she discovered that even though there was no language barrier for her in meeting men here, it was a factor. She has created Native Dating for those women and men who perhaps have grown tired of meeting Spaniards or other non native English speaking people that were only interested in dating to practice their English. She’s peppy, fun and colourful and you can usually find her eating and drinking her away around Madrid. Fun facts about Maria….. She used to be a Flamenco dancer and has an elementary level of Euskera. She’s also a HUGE Star Wars fan and owns her own lightsaber. She’s travelled to over 15 countries and loves cooking, photography, crocheting, watching t.v. and learning languages. She lives with her super crazy cat named Fredo and her turtle named Mr. Turtle who if you can believe it, continually escapes from his tank.


The venue

A recent addition to Madrid’s bar circuit, The Cunning Fox is the perfect spot to while away an evening in comfortable surroundings. With a welcoming atmosphere and fine choice of beers, wines and spirits, there’s every reason to linger in a cosy corner or take a stool at the bar and relax for a few hours.



Remember the first rule of dating is SMILE and don’t forget your ticket price gets you a complimentary drink to settle those butterflies.

Keep up to date joining us on Facebook. And follow us on Twitter @NativeDatingMad.



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